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College of Menominee Nation Library: Frequently Asked Questions

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General Library Questions

How do I contact the Library?

To contact the Library in general, you can email us at or call at 715-799-6226 ext. 3003.  Or use the online Contact Us Form on our Information Page.  

For general questions about the Library, or to specially contact our director, Maria, email her at or call at 715-799-6226 ext. 3001.

To talk to our Youth Librarian, Laura, you can email her at or call at 715-799-6226 ext. 3010.

For questions regarding our Special Collections or Inter Library Loans, contact Bethany at or call at 715-799-6226 ext. 3405.

What are the Library's Hours?

With limited days and hours due to COVID safety precautions and staff limitations, the Library is currently open Monday 9 am - 4 pm, Tuesday 9 am - 5 pm, Wednesday 9 am - 4 pm, and Thursday 9 am - 5 pm.  On Fridays, the building is closed, but staff is usually available for questions through email or phone.

The Library is closed on National Holidays and Tribal Holidays.  For these dates, please note on our Home Page or the Events Page and on the College of Menominee Nation Website.

During winter, the Library will close if the College has been closed due to inclement weather.

Library Card Questions

How do I get a Library Card?

To get a card, please come to the Library's front desk.  You will need a photo ID and proof of address (a piece of mail that has been mailed within the last 30 days).  For a child's card (under 18), the child must come with an adult with the above items and have a card or be able to get a card.

How much can I check out with a Library card?

Checkouts are based on the type of card you have.

Card Type Books Audio-Visual Items Magazines
CMN Student 15 items - 30 Days 5 items - 5 Days 5 items - 2 Weeks
CMN Faculty 30 items - 30 Days 10 items - 10 Days 5 items - 2 Weeks
CMN Staff 20 items - 30 Days 10 items - 5 Days 5 items - 2 Weeks
Community Adult 15 items - 30 Days 5 items - 5 Days 5 items - 2 Weeks
Community Child 10 items - 30 Days 5 items - 5 Days 3 items - 2 Weeks

If you don't know your Card Type, just ask a Library staff member and we'll be able to let you know.

I lost my card, what do I do?

First of all, if you'd like to keep searching for it, but need to check something out, we can use your photo ID for a one-time checkout.  To replace a lost card, the cost is $2.00; please come to the front desk with a photo ID and we'll get you a new card.  Your old card will no longer be usable.

Services Questions

Does the Library do faxes?

Unfortunately, we do not have faxing capabilities.  However, the Menominee Job Center, located in the Community Technology Center, does provide this service.

What are Inter Library Loans (ILL)?

Inter Library Loans, or ILLs, are items that are requested by Library staff from other libraries.  This allows for patrons to have access to materials that the S. Verna Fowler Academic Library/Menominee Public Library does not own.  

How do I request an ILL?

To request an item that this Library does not own, a patron must have a Library card that is in good standing (no overdues/fines over $30) and be over 18 years old (patrons under 18 may ask their parent/guardian to order the item and that parent/guardian would be the requesting patron), as well as working contact information (phone/email).  

When requesting an item, please use the ILL Form and fill out as much information as possible to help Library staff order the correct item.

Library staff will contact the patron when the requested item has been delivered.  Please be aware that this Library has only a once-a-week delivery date.  Library staff appreciate your patience and cooperation with this program.

Can I rent a room at the Library?

We have many rooms at the Library available.  These rooms are free of charge to College of Menominee Nation faulty, staff, and students; please contact the receptionist for room availability and sign-up.  For those in the community and beyond, room requests must be sent through the College of Menominee Nation at 715-799-5600, and will require a fee.

eBooks & Overdrive

What are eBooks?

eBooks are digital books that you can read through a variety of ways, including: smart phone, tablet, Amazon Kindle, Kindle app, Barnes & Noble Nook, Overdrive, Browser readers, and more!

At CMN Library, we offer free access to eBooks through Overdrive.  To use, go to the website, sign in using the Infosoup - Menominee Tribal/County Library option in the drop-down Select Your Library menu.  Use your Library Card number in both the Library Card field and the password.  You are now signed in and can start borrowing eBooks, eAudiobooks, and streaming videos! If you need help navigating or troubleshooting, try out Overdrive's Help Page or talk to a Library Staff Member.


Can I donate items to the Library?

Yes!  The Library welcomes the support from its community, both local and far away.  Donations from those willing to help the Library meet the needs of the community it serves are always a happy addition.

What type of items can I donate to the library?

The Library allows for a variety of donations, however there are a few items we do not take.

How do I donate items to the Library?

To donate items to the Library, please make sure it meets the requirements of types of items the Library allows for donation.  If you are unsure, please speak with Library staff to verify.  
To drop off items, if you need a cart, please ask Library staff.
When donating items, please fill out the Donation Form (this is a fillable PDF - to use, please download and open in Adobe; hand-filled forms are also accepted).  This form changes ownership of the items to the Library.  Please be aware that not all donations will be added to the Library's collection, however they will still benefit the Library whichever decision is made.


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