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Special Collections: Menominee Termination and Restoration

Collection of documents, photographs, recordings, maps, and more that preserve the history of the Menominee Indian Tribe of Wisconsin and the College of Menominee Nation
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Milwaukee Public Museum


Click here to read the Milwaukee Public Museum's telling of the Termination and Restoration story...

The Milwaukee Public Museum provides an overview of Termination policy, the politics of Termination, the effects of Termination on the Menominee people, as well as the efforts to restore the Menominee to federally-recognized tribal status.

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Menominee Historic Preservation


Click here to go to the Menominee Historic Preservation Department website...

The mission of the Historic Preservation Department is to protect and preserve the cultural heritage of the Menominee people. Find out more by following the above link to Historic Preservation's webpage, or by visiting the Menominee Logging Museum

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Native American Netroots

Native American Netroots

Click here to read Native American Netroots' version of the story...

The new Common Core State Standards for history and social studies put a greater emphasis on student work with primary and secondary sources, as well as critical analysis.


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Offers researchers the ability to retrieve high-resolution, scanned images of journal issues and pages as they were originally designed, printed, and illustrated. The journals archived in JSTOR span many disciplines.

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Badgerlink provides access to journals, magazines, & newspapers for Wisconsin residents.

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Menominee Termination and Restoration Timeline

We have created a timeline to highlight some of the main events in the history of the Menominee Termination and Restoration era. You can navigate the timeline by clicking and dragging within the gray bar below. Simply click on the different balloons to travel through time. There is a media window is a media window with images, sites, and information about each balloon. Scroll up and down, and click on any of the images to see the images in more detail and read more!

We realize that our timeline is not exhaustive, and we'd love to fill in some of the gaps! Feel free to contact us with suggestions of dates and events to include!

(Timeline code available through Timeline JS /

- Menominee Termination and Restoration Timeline -

Wisconsin Public Television: "Menominee History"

The following video was created by Wisconsin Public Television Documentaries, and first aired August 26, 2014. In the video, Menominee Historic Preservation officer, Dave Grignon, shares the story of the Menominee people.

(Video courtesy of Wisconsin Public Television /

The Last Menominee

The following video, "The Last Menominee," was produced during the Termination era. It offers a good look at the effects of Termination upon the Menominee community while Termination was in full swing, and utilizes interviews with several Menominee elders.

(Video courtesy of Youtube /

Special Collections Materials on Termination and Restoration

James White speaks to the press, while State Natural Resources Secretary, L.P. Voigt, at left, looks on ("Menominee Indians Wage Civil War": Wisconsin State Journal, 21 November 1971): Special Collections.

Here are some materials on Termination and Restoration you can find in Special Collections at the Library. Come to the Special Collections Reading Room and take a look at these great resources!!

(Image courtesy of CMN S. Verna Fowler Academic Library/ Menominee Public Library Special Collections /

Menominee Termination and Restoration in the Digital Collection


Menominee community members look over a map of Legend Lake, Keshena: Special Collections.   

You can find a number of Termination and Restoration materials in our online Digital Collection. These include DRUMS newsletters, correspondence, news clippings, Menominee Enterprises Incorporated documents, and political cartoons... Click the link below to explore!

Click here to visit the Digital Collection.  

(Image courtesy of CMN S. Verna Fowler Academic Library/ Menominee Public Library Special Collections /

Materials on Ada Deer

Ada Deer has had an illustrious career of public service and community engagement. She was a member of DRUMS, served as chair of the Menominee Restoration Committee, Assistant Secretary of the Interior, head of the BIA, and delegate to the UN's Human Rights Committee, just to name a few of her contributions! Here are some Library materials by, and about, this amazing Menominee woman...

(Image courtesy of UNC Global /

Materials on US Termination Policy

Here are some Library materials related to US Termination policy...


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