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LAN Menominee Language: Resource Guide

This research guide will help you locate Library materials related to the Menominee language, other native languages, and language preservation.


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CMN Sacred Little Ones Project

Click here to go to the Sacred Little Ones Project

The Sacred Little Ones project builds on research and partnerships between CMN, Menominee Head Start, Menominee Tribal School, and Keshena Primary School to develop an early childhood education model that will provide Menominee children with the academic skills, motivation, support, and confidence necessary to succeed in elementary school.

(Image courtesy of College of Menominee Nation's Sacred Little Ones Project /

Oneida Nation Language Lessons

Click here to try some Oneida Language Lessons

The Oneida Nation of Wisconsin has put a number of Oneida language lessons and activities online to encourage people to learn the Oneida language. Click the above link to give these lessons a try and practice speaking Oneida!

(Image courtesy of Oneida Nation of Wisconsin /

The Ojibwe People's Dictionary

Click here to check out the Ojibwe People's Dictionary

Faculty and students of the University of Minnesota's Department of American Indian Studies established the Ojibwe People's Dictionary. The goal of the project was to create a searchable, talking Ojibwe-English and English-Ojibwe dictionary that speaks in the voices of Ojibwe elders. A search for a word will provide the written version of that word, the spoken word, and example sentences. 

(Image courtesy of the Ojibwe People's Dictionary /

Ho-Chunk Language Lessons

Click here to learn about Ho-Chunk Language

The Language Division of the Ho-Chunk Nation provides open links to Ho-Chunk Language lessons, puzzlees, and games online. They even have an iPad app! Follow the link to try your hand at speaking Ho-Chunk!

(Image courtesy of the Ho-Chunk Nation Language Division /

Language Resources from the Endangered Language Fund

Click here to look at language resources recommended by the Endangered Language Fund

The Endangered Language Fund provides some excellent resources on language revitalization, language teaching, and funding opportunities for language projects. You can also find links to the ELF Language Archive.

The ELF was founded in 1996 with a goal of supporting endangered language preservation and documentation projects, primarily through grant funding. It is based in New Haven, CT.

(Image courtesy of the ELF Facebook page /

Living Language

(Video courtesy of Wisconsin Media Lab /

Menominee Language Materials in Special Collections

Special Collections has a wealth of Menominee language materials, from recordings to dictionaries to comic books! We have included a sample of our collection below. Visit us in person to find more!

Learn to Count to 10 in Menominee

(Video courtesy of Alex Zacarias, YouTube /

Native American Collection Materials on Native Languages

The following are some language materials related to the languages of other Native nations in North America. Come to the Library and take a look at these great resources!

Library Materials on Native Language Preservation and Education

Here are some materials you can find in the Library on language preservation and education.

Endangered Languages Project

Click here to go to the Endangered Languages Project

"More than 40% of all languages are endangered and at risk of extinction." In addition to acting as a resource to share information about endangered languages, the Endangered Lanuguages Project also works to provide best practices for those working to preserve language. The site includes an interactive map that highlights many of the endangered languages of North America.

(Image courtesy of Transparent Language /

Key to Navigating the Library

When you enter a title into the card catalog to find that material in the Library, you might find some strange letters before or after the card catalog number. Knowing what those letters mean will help make your research go more smoothly...

MEN -- This material can be found in Special Collections areas.

Special Collections Lab, shelf A-1 -- This material can be found in the Special Collections Lab. Please ask the Head of Special Collections for assistance.

Special Collections Drive -- This material is located on the Special Collections server, which can be accessed from the computers in the Special Collections Reading Room.

NA -- This material can be found in the Native American Collection room. This room is on the first floor of the Library past the circulation desk, in between the "I's" and the "J's" of the feature film DVDs.

GB -- This material is located at the Green Bay campus.

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Leonard Bloomfield Materials

Leonard Bloomfield (1 April 1887-18 April 1949) was an American professor of Linguistics who studied Indo-European, Austronesian, and Algonkian languages, including Fox, Cree, Menominee, and Ojibwe. He founded American structuralism. Bloomfield worked on the Menominee reservation with Menominee language in the 1920s and 1930s. His work in Linguistics is still influential, and you can find a few of his publications in Special Collections...

(Image courtesy of Universite Nice Sophia Antipolis - Universites Numeriques Thematiques /

Indigenous Language Institute

Click here to go to the Indigenous Language Institute

The philosophy of the Indigenous Language Institute is to "help create speakers" of endangered languages while those with the knowledge are still with us.

(Image courtesy of Indigenous Language Institute /


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