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What are the Humanities?


Click here for the Wikipedia definition of "Humanities"

Click the above link to read the Wikipedia definition of the humanities.

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Why Do the Humanities Matter?

Click here to learn why the humanities matter!

Stanford University's Humanities Center explains why the humanities matter.

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4Humanities: Advocating for the Humanities

Click here to go to 4Humanities!

Check out 4Humanities: an advocacy group for the humanities powered by the Digital Humanities Community.

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The Humanities MATTER!

This great infographic on why the humanities matter is a must!

The Forest as an Art Object?

Here are some materials that might help answer the question, "How is the forest an art object?"


Click Here to go to JSTOR

Offers researchers the ability to retrieve high-resolution, scanned images of journal issues and pages as they were originally designed, printed, and illustrated. The journals archived in JSTOR span many disciplines.

This is a subscription service that is available to CMN students, staff, & faculty only. You must access this site on campus.

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Important Style Manuals in the Library

Wisconsin Public Television: "Menominee History"

The following video was created by Wisconsin Public Television Documentaries, and first aired August 26, 2014. In the video, Menominee Historic Preservation officer, Dave Grignon, shares the story of the Menominee people.

(Video courtesy of Wisconsin Public Television /

"Classic" Humanities Texts and Authors

Here is a short list of some "classic" humanities works. (Some describe these as the "Dead White Males"...) Visit us in person to find more!

Special Collections Humanities Materials

The following is a small sample of Special Collections materials related to the humanities you might find useful. Come down to the Reading Room and take a look at these great resources!!

Key to Navigating the Library

When you enter a title into the card catalog to find that material in the Library, you might find some strange letters before or after the card catalog number. Knowing what those letters mean will help make your research go more smoothly...

MEN -- This material can be found in Special Collections areas.

Special Collections Lab, shelf A-1 -- This material can be found in the Special Collections Lab. Please ask the Head of Special Collections for assistance.

Special Collections Drive -- This material is located on the Special Collections server, which can be accessed from the computers in the Special Collections Reading Room.

NA -- This material can be found in the Native American Collection room. This room is on the first floor of the Library past the circulation desk, in between the "I's" and the "J's" of the feature film DVDs.

GB -- This material is located at the Green Bay campus.

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Native American Poetry

Here are some Native American poetry collections you might enjoy. Come explore the Library to discover even more!

Carlisle Indian Industrial School Project

Click here to go to the Carlisle Indian Industrial School Project page

Do you have relatives or loved ones who endured the boarding school experience at Carlisle? The Community Studies Center at Dickinson College, in partnership with the Dickinson College Archives and Special Collections Department, has been working on a project digitizing resources related to the Carlisle Indian School.

Follow the above link to explore student files, images, publications, and collections related to Carlisle and its students. The search engine has the ability to filter materials by tribal affiliation.

(Image courtesy of Carlisle Indian Industrial School Project /

Anthologies of Native American Literature

Here is a sample of anthologies of Native American literature available at the Library. Visit us in person to find more!


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